In de .plan van James Monroe, heeft hij een piepkleine Q&A met zichzelf gezet. Het gaat over het maken van de karakters in Elite Force.People are starting wonder how they will be able to make characters in EF.

Q. Are we going to include the carcass and assimilate programs with the game?

A. yes, we will give out the carcass/assimilate tools and the max tools.

Q. Are MDR's way different than MD3's?

A. MDRs are way different from MD3s. MDRs can be converted to MD3s using our MD3Viewer.

Q. Did we modify MD3viewer, are we going to supply our own modified MD3viewer?

A. MD3View has been modified to handle our MDRs. It can do both. Yes we will give out this program, w/source (providing that's okay with the original authors).

[break]Verder is er nog het heugelijke feit dat Raven software 10 jaar oud geworden is en al bijna in de pubertijd beland.[/break]

I just want to thank everyone at Raven Software for helping my brother and I reach our ten year anniversary in business!

Raven Software started back in 1990 with our first game Black Crypt on the good ol'Amiga back when four guys could do a game.

We owe alot of people for helping us stay in business for this long. id software of course is the cornerstone to all of our games as well as Activision for acquiring us and being so generous with our budgets and equipment.Dit laatste komt uit de .plan van Brain Raffel. Bij deze gefeliciteerd Raven!