Ik loop altijd te schelden dat er zo weinig tennisgames zijn, maar de surfers onder ons hebben het ook niet makkelijk. Noem maar eens 3 surfgames...eh..ja inderdaad, de surfers onder ons staan dus virtueel droog .

Gelukkig komt er voor alle surf dudes verandering in met Championship Surfer.There are lots of sports that have extremely slim

representation in the world of video games. Unfortunately, F1 racing is not one of them. But boring, touchy open-wheeled simulators are not the issue here. Instead, we're turning our eyes to the sea and wondering why there hasn't ever been a stand-alone surfing game for the PC. Crusty, Jurassic computer gamers might remember the surfing portion of the classic California Games (which also included BMX racing, roller skating, hackey sack punting, Frisbee tossing and a half-pipe skating competition), but that was a gajillion years ago. It's strange that such a popular Left Coast sport has gone so long without an appearance. In the past couple of months, we've seen a few console surfing games pop up and were beginning to feel a bit left out. We were totally stoked when Mattel Interactive sent over a build of Championship Surfer for us to groove on.

There are a number of different play modes for

Championship Surfer, both for single player and multiplayer. Single player modes include Arcade,

Championship, Free Surf, Trick Attack and Training. In

Rumble mode, four players can go at it on a single wave, which is very chaotic. There are crazy pickups that can be grabbed and used on other players, such as mines, poison gas-filled rubber duckies, shrinkers and speedups. Eight players can vie to be King of the Waves in a one-on-one, round robin split screen tournament. Aquanuts will hopefully be jazzed by this surfing game, which has certainly been a long time coming. We'll see how it ends up in Q4 this year

Cowabunga a totally fresh game