"Everybody go surfing, surfing USA!"

Haal de laatste 2 woorden van deze zin af en je hebt zo'n beetje het motto van de game Championship Surfer, gemaakt door developer Krome Studios. In de surfgame CS (nope geen Counter-Strike maar Championship Surfer) is het de bedoeling in een bepaalde tijd zoveel mogelijk punten bij elkaar te sprokkelen.Visually, Championship Surfer is fairly good, though the water itself looks a little unrealistic. There are no reflections and no transparency effects, so the ocean looks like one giant blue texture. However, the wave effects are convincing. You'll see mist spraying out as the tube of the wave crashes down, and you can actually see the water drawn into the wave. Unfortunately, the developers at Krome Studios didn't put as much effort into the 3D surfers. The eight selectable characters are represented by just one color-swapped character. Even the one female surfer, Rochelle Ballard, looks the same as all the male surfers in the game but with a short wetsuit and different hair color. However, secondary objects floating in the water - including mines, crates, swimmers, and photographers - are surprisingly detailed and immediately identifiable so you don't run into them while cutting up the wave. But rain, lightning, and other weather effects are so subtle that you'll hardly even notice them during gameplay.Tony Hawk op zee laten we maar zeggen