Op planetcnc is een uitgebreid artikel verschenen over de C&C serie. Van alle delen in de serie (alweer delen 10 intotaal) worden de vernieuwende speleigenschappen besproken en wordt kort samengevat waar het spel past in het C&C Universum.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Instantly swallowed by the numerous C&C fans, Red Alert was right what they've been waiting for - a masterpiece. Plenty of awards, millions of copies sold, "I LOVE RED ALERT" graffiti on the walls, boundless reputation - this is what Red Alert brought to Westwood Studios. A supernova on the sky of the gaming worlds, Red Alert didn't just set a new standard for all strategy games. It became an idol to thousands of game makers, who started stamping zillions of clones. And the only reason for this was that Red Alert turned out to be actually an ideal game for the time.

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