En alweer wat meer info over Cataclysm, de uitbreiding van Homeworld. With a darker storyline, more original missions, and new gameplay features, the development team hopes Cataclysm will appeal to new and veteran players. "It's a different game, but anyone who played Homeworld will feel right at home," explains Stewart. " One of the things we want to ensure was that people who played Homeworld wouldn't find themselves playing a game that was totally unfamiliar to them. So we started with Homeworld's core game play and control scheme and then added some things to it that introduce new strategy elements, such as the fog of war, upgradeable weapons, armor and abilities for ships, a support unit system, and specialized research modules that dictate how and when your research tree grows." Barking Dog has even added new features to the Homeworld engine. "We are using Relic's Homeworld engine, though we have made a number of modifications such as polygonal-accurate collisions and dynamic Gouraud shading," reveal Stewart. "For example, when a ship rakes its ion beam across the hull of another ship, the beam will follow the contours of the ship and leave a red glow from where the beam heated the hull." He continues, "we've also added a slew of new effects. In Cataclysm you will see things like large shockwave explosions, shielding effects, holographic projection effects, external construction, new repairing effects, new salvaging effects, and lens flares. We've also added much more animation to the game."