Breng de oma's weer in hun huis, want Carmageddon komt er weer aan!

PCGamerscentral heeft alvast een preview geschreven van wat je kan verwachten van dit spel. Wat misschien voor sommigen een grote tegenvaller is, is dat er geen echte mensen en geen echte dieren in het spel meer aanwezig zullen zijn.In contrast, it seems that with Carmageddon: The Death Race 2000, SCI are trying to avoid some of the controversy that plagued the first two titles. Gone are the humans that walked the streets in the first two games. Say hello to the radioactive zombies turned people, who roam around in just the same way as the humans did, just to drive home the message that real humans are not being murdered. In fact, SCi seem to be trying to appease the animal liberationists as well, since the horses also appear to be zombie horses and the cows seem to be zombie cows…. For my part, I don't see how running over nuclear zombies instead of humans is going to make the game any less enjoyable, so if they think they can gain more acceptance for the game through measures like this, then I think they should go their hardest. Helaas is het nieuwe er allang af van dit spel, maar de liefhebbers zullen ongetwijfeld weer veel plezier beleven aan dit spel. De preview lees je hier.