Nadat er eerder vandaag nogal veel ophef werd gemaakt omdat Carmack de "Microsoft's Xbox advisory board" zou hebben gejoind heeft de bigg boss van ID software zelf maar een verklaring uitgegeven op slashdot in een post op hun forums.At last years CGDC, Tim Sweeny and I had a meeting with Bill Gates about the X-Box. It was not handled well. For weeks ahead of time, I had been pressing for technical information so I could have something useful to comment on at the meeting. A couple days before the meeting, I finally got an email directing me to "look at this EETimes article, they are pretty close". Yeah. Ok. So, we just wound up just talking about generalities. A while later, I was contacted about being on the formal advisory board, with a promise that it wouldn't be like that "trophy meeting" at CGDC, but would be making critiques of real documents. I am on a lot of advisory boards, and they vary quite a bit in level of participation. 3DFX's advisory board meets every quarter, and we go over detailed technical things. Unfortunately, the very first advisory board of over two years ago discussed a part that still hasn't shipped, so it is hard to say what the impact is. Apple's gaming advisory board has met three times, and was moderately productive. Nvidia listed me as a member of their technical advisory board in their IPO filing, but there has never been a group meeting. I meet with them a couple times a year privately, but I haven't had a whole lot to complain about or suggest to them since they got past the RIVA 128 (until the recent push for 64 bit color)-- they have been doing a great job. All of the other companies just informally stop by everey once in a while to discuss things. I had made some suggestions to microsoft about DirectSound and DirectInput in past years that were always at the wrong time to ever get acted upon, so I don't know what to expect from this board. So far, microsoft seems to be sticking to the plan -- I got a big fat binder of stuff in today to look over before our meeting next week. I'm all for the X-Box as a console platform. The graphics hardware is a lot cooler than PS2, and there are a lot of other things going for it. I am still uneasy about all the market protection issues that go with consoles, but I tend to think that microsoft is a more open company than many of the traditional console companies. I want microsoft to make good products. Heck, I want everyone to make good products. Even at the height of the D3D vs OpenGL antagonism, I had always given them source drops of what I was working on, and freedom to use it for demonstrating new features. I had hoped that they would use it as a real-world testbed for new features, rather than just dreaming them up and making the industry follow their plan without ever really testing things out. In any case, talking with MS has no bearing on my development decisions. I'm still using OpenGL, and we are still planning simultanious releases for linux and MacOS-X. If things work out well with X-Box, that may be added to the list. John Carmack Zelf ziet hij het dus helemaal niet als groot nieuws omdat die in zoveel advisory board's zit. Je kan het allemaal in deze post nalezen