Snipesalley heeft een preview van Carma 2000 gemaakt (speciaal voor evil eddie: niet in het nederlands ).

Stukje uit de preview :Over the last two years, SCi has been working on a next generation racing engine. Already Carmageddon: The Death Race 2000 engine achieves twice the frame rate as Carmageddon II on the same hardware. Combined with an all new revolutionary physics engine, this title is set to redefine racing games - on any PC! Carmageddon: The Death Race 2000 will also be the first in the Carmageddon™ series to be designed from the ground up for on-line Internet playing. With unique on-line arenas and play modes, this game is going to keep those telephone lines engaged for hours! And of course these levels will be full of highly charged AI computer players whose only purpose in life is to see you smash crumple and burn.