Avault heeft een interview gehouden met Activision over de nieuwe space simulatie gebasseerd op 'The Next Generation' universum.What can you tell us about the new alien race? Little at this point as we are still etching out the details, and Paramount must approve the full story before we can release more information on what we are adding to the universe. However, I can say they are a technologically advanced culture living near the border of Cardassian space. The press release did not mention online gaming options. What features are planned or are being considered? The scope of this part of the experience has not been decided. We are in design mode still and concentrating on a compelling solo experience. Describe the mechanics of commanding a starship from the bridge. The bridge interface and command structure are optimized to allow people to give orders and control the main systems while staying in the immersive three-dimensional bridge environment. The main challenge is to limit which systems are modeled to reduce having to control too much while still giving people the sense of commanding a large and powerful vessel with hundreds of crew members.