The adrenaline vault heeft een review gemaakt van deel drie uit de Gabriel knight serie: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, een adventure spel of zoiets. Ik kan er weinig intelligents over zeggen (als je me daar trouwens ooit op betrapt,intelligentie, laat het dan even weten )aangezien ik niks geef om adventures. Maar voor degene die het wel interesseert, lees de review hier.

review preview:I had fun with Jane Jensen's latest tale of the Shadow Hunter Gabriel Knight. Jensen's writing is good and interesting. The story presented here is one of the best in its genre and perhaps the most controversial. This sort of product is good for our industry and I hope there are more like it. This is a product designed for would-be sleuths that enjoy their settings a tad bit darker than normal. It's equipped with tons of powerful adventuring tools, such as a newly designed 3D engine and free-floating camera, and contains one of the most riveting endings I've seen all year. But ultimately I wish it had offered me more. Had the story paced itself a little better and had there been scarier and more intense scenes akin to what we saw in The Beast Within, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned would have been far more enjoyable.