Stomped strartte haar "Einde van het jaar 2000" interview reeks via een gesprek met Bill Roper, Blizzard's Senior Director van Developer Relations.

Het gesprek is tamelijk kort, hier vast een snibbeltje:Stomped: What games are you most looking forward to in 2001?

Roper: Other than the two we have in development, I would have to say Team Fortress 2, Arcanum, Emperor: Battle for Dune, SimsVille and Neverwinter Nights. There are a lot more (especially once I get my PS2), so next year looks to be filled with as much gaming goodness as this year!

Stomped: Where do you see the industry as a whole going to in the next year?

Roper: Increased focus on 3D and multiplayer, as well as a leap for a lot of developers into the console market. I also think that we will see more focus on trying to create games that are exciting and fun for both core gamers and more casual gamers (The Sims, Diablo II) as our potential market increase.Zo zie je maar weer dat niet alleen de gamers, maar ook de developers blij zijn met hun Playstation2