Ik kan hier wel wat zinloze informatie intypen, maar je kan beter onderstaande lezen, dan wordt alles duidelijk:Has the world gone mad? You can hardly blame Sony for trying to sue Bleem for incroaching on its turf with a reverse-engineered emulator, but Bleem sueing Sony? Talk about cheek. Mad or not, Bleem obviously thinks it has a case. It's alleging that Sony has acquired and maintained its monopoly of the video game market through anti-competitive practices. Shades of the Microsoft trial, which is perhaps where Bleem got the idea. Bleem is also alleging that Sony attempted to get it kicked out of last May's E3 show, calling this conspiracy in restraint of trade, intentional interference with contractual relations, defamation, and all sorts of nasty names. To be fair, Sony does seem to have been playing a little fast and loose. Last week it tried to get Bleem's business data legally reclassified in order to gain access to it, and it has also subpoenaed 10 of Bleem's largest retailers. US District Court Judge Charles Legge will hear a motion from Bleem calling for the subpoenas to be quashed on the grounds that Sony has no right to the confidential information of third parties. So far, Legge has refused to grant Sony two separate injunctions banning the sale of Bleem's software.