Bij V Games hebben ze een interview gehad met Mike Flynn. Mike Flynn is een level designer van Human Head. Het spel zal action/adventure horror game worden en zal draaien op de engine van NOX.

VG: Rune is slated to be released at the same day of Blair Witch 1; do you think they'll impact each other sales? And how do you predict your own game (BW2) sales?

MF: The styles of our two games are so different. If the same person buys both games they will be entertained on two totally different levels. I'm not sure how the movie did overseas, but it was very popular in the US. Our games provide a deeper look into some of the various aspects surrounding the Blair Witch mythology. Anybody who saw the movie and wants to know more will enjoy the BW trilogy of games. The lower price of each game (BW1-3) will also make it more accessible. In short, I think it will do quite well. Lees hier het hele interview