Gamesurge heeft een preview (helaas geen review) van Zwart & Wit. Dit spel is bedacht door Peter Molyneux (maker van Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate...en nog veel meer klassiekers). Het is een God Game die erg hoge verwachtingen heeft. It may seem that gameplay in Black and White is similar to most games in the God Game genre. Trust me, it isn't. Until now, every God Game or Simulation has had strict rules that one must follow to get the most out of the game. Recent simulations like Rollercoaster Tycoon, or even The Sims are perfect examples of this formula. Sure, you can do things your own way to a certain degree, but there is no doubt that there is one strategy that will make you do better at the game than another. According to Molyneux, "There is no good or bad way to play Black and White. I'm not telling you which way to go, but whatever course you choose it will strongly influence the way the universe will evolve. "The way you play affects everything in your possession. Your people and creatures learn and evolve from your actions, making a feel like no game we've seen before. The single player game will be based on a set of events that take place in the specific world you are in, not having "levels," but rather a playing area that expands as you get further in the game. And while multiplayer will be included, details on the multiplayer system have yet to be determined. "He Pa, er loopt een schildpad in de tuin"...."OWEE ALS DIE AAN DE PLANTEN KOMT !"