Gisteren vertelde Lionhead ons dat een aantal Nederlandse ISPs hun zaken niet op orde hadden en zo de B&W patch niet released kon worden. Waar of niet, de patch is hard nodig. De patch bevat namelijk 32 fixes en 2 verbeteringen.- Creature occasionally forgot learnt info when moving between lands.(V1.01)

- On land five the Creature now recovers correctly from curse.(V1.01)

- SafeDisk problem with Windows 2000 has been solved using SafeDisk 2.30.031(V1.01)

- Multiplayer game select bug sometimes prevented a player from joining.(V1.01)

- All ISPs now work relaiably with Lionhead game server.(V1.01)

- The word "Death" no longer said when villagers dies of old age..(V1.01)

- The line "Another god is about to take over your village" now only appears only when relevant.(V1.01)

- Bug fixed whereby Tapping a Food or Wood Miracle gives massive amount of that resource.(V1.01)

- The Hermit Challenge now completable if a Creature eats the Hermit.(V1.01)

- Bug whereby player could cast certain Miracles, and allow the hand influence to run out in mid-cast in order to replenish the Miracle now fixed.(V1.01)

- Two Out-Of-Sync bugs have been fixed in Multiplayer game.(V1.01)

- No longer possible to get stuck in the Gods' Playground when quitting a game from

en nog veel meer... Nog twee weken wachten en dan is de patch er. Misschien wel te laat, want wie speelt er nu nog Black & White?