Niet echt onverwachts, maar toch onwijs jammer. Black & White is alweer uitgesteld door EA omdat ze Peter Molyneux's spel niet te snel op te markt willen brengen. Nadeel voor EA is dat ze nu wel de decemberverkopen mis lopen, meestal de tijd waarin het meest wordt verkocht.Electronic Arts has confirmed that, despite longstanding hopes and assurances, Peter Molyneux's Black & White will not ship in 2000. The game has been pushed back to Spring 2001 for a number of reasons.

Competition's a big one. B&W was shaping up, at best, for a mid-December release date - which traditionally has been a very, very slow period for game sales. By that point, most consumers have done their holiday shopping and don't have leftover money to buy games. B&W has been building such a strong buzz over its development cycle that EA wants to ensure the game gets the attention it deserves.

Also, while EA officials tell us the game could have been rushed to meet the holiday sales period, they chose to give Molyneux a little more time to polish things, which should result in a better playing experience.