Vanmorgen de pics nu de review...Take a look at the typical god game - you get a landscape, a bunch of tiny people, and stuff you can provide them with. In SimCity, this would equate to your city, your sims, and your water towers, hospitals, etc. This means that the whole concept of such games is to create a paradise for your little people, with pleasant surroundings, good education, basically being one of the good guys. A similar structure of pleasantness applies to all god games, so in Black & White the real developments come through the fact that as the man in charge, theres no set of rules saying that success comes through being nice. In fact, nothing says what counts as succesful and what dosen't, since whilst previously you'd aim merely to conquer worlds, Black & White challenges you to systematically build a world around your own set of rights and wrongs - your only goal is to make your little people accept them.