Bij CNET hebben ze een preview geschreven van Baldur's Gate. Daarbij hebben ze ook nog een keer de nieuwste screens . Fans of Baldur's Gate--and there are legions of them--are anxiously awaiting Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, and with good reason. Shadows of Amn picks up where the original left off, continuing the adventure in the mystical lands of the Forgotten Realms. Imprisoned in Athkatla, the capital city of Amn, which lies to the south of Baldur's Gate, you will be reunited with your old traveling mates Imoen, Jaheira, and Minsc. After freeing yourself, you must determine what fate brought you to the jail, a quest that will eventually entangle you with the god Bhaal, Lord of Murder, who threatens to enter the mortal world. In your travels through the Forgotten Realms, you'll visit the Elven forests of Tethir, the Astral Plane, the Abyss, the Cloudpeak Mountains, and other mysterious places.