Planet Unreal heeft een lijst samengesteld van de beste mods en mutators voor Unreal Tournament. Eerst worden alle mods en mutators apart genomen en beoordeeld op geluid, on-line gameplay, bot support, wapens en originaliteit, waarna ze de beste mutator en mod van het jaar 2000 uitroepen.Mod of the Year: Tactical Ops

Well the majority has spoken. While Infiltration was close, at the end Tactical Ops won and now becomes the first recipient of the Unreal Tournament Mod of the Year award. I think that this mod appeals to more people that the other realism mods out there because it isn't as realistic as the other mods. I don't mean that in a bad way. Tactical Ops doesn't cause you to die too quickly because the weapons don't deal as much damage as weapons in say Infiltration or Strike Force.

Thus this allows for an action paced game similar to the action found in the unaltered Unreal Tournament. Realism fanatics might not like Tactical Ops over the other realism mods out there, but a majority of people aren't fanatics of extreme realism, so Tactical Ops appeals to them.

While many people have said that the weapons in the mod aren't well modeled, the overall package is what gives Tactical Ops this award. It feels like the team has worked hard with this mod, because there's something great here for every of the mentioned categories (Bot Support, Online Play, etc). The bots will give you an entertaining game, the weapons feel realistic but not overly so, the maps allow for some great ambushes, and the objectives of the mod are very familiar to players of the Half-Life mod Counter-Strike. Excellent job Shag and the rest of the Tactical Ops team on a job well done. If you are looking for a well rounded mod, Tactical Ops has your answer.Tac Ops was voor mij een verassende winnaar, aangezien ik gedacht had dat het realisme van Infiltration toch wel naar de eerste plaats zou leiden. De tweede plaats was dan ook voor Infiltration en de derde voor Strike Force.

Winnaar bij de Mutators was Tally Ho!, met als tweede Matrix en als derde Role Playing UT.