Firingsquad heeft een preview over Baldur's Gate II geschreven en het spel ziet er zeer veel belovend uit voor alle RPG-fanaten.

Er zijn vele verbeteringen gemaakt op het origineel en de graphics zien er nog beter uit.Many glitches in this series have been fixed. Pathfinding abilities are much improved from the original. This is taken care of by something called bumping This means that the characters will move aside for friendly units to get by, so no more baby-sitting of units hopefully. Multi-player has also been graced with the ablilty to move about while other people carry on separate conversations! God bless. Unless it is a truly important conversation the rest of the party is free to do as they wish. Another addition will be more intelligent enemies. Before, you used to be able to run into an area, fight till you got the tar almost completely beaten out of you, and then hightail it out of the screen, out of harm's reach. These new baddies will follow you everywhere. You go through a door and expect to be safe, don't come cryin' to me. BG2 is due out a little after mid-year, tot dan kan je genieten van de screenshots op de site van firingsquad.