Een aantal dagen geleden verschenen de eerste officiele benchmarks van Doom 3. De shooter van id Software lijkt vooral goed te werken met de 6800 kaarten van Nvidia, want die lieten de X800 Pro en X800 XT van ATI in sommige benchmarks ver achter zich. Chris Hook van ATI en ATI CEO Dave Orton hebben nu op de benchmarks gereageerd:ATI response:

"Hi Richard - this is a non issue - Doom 3 isn't even available yet, and we all know that some of our competitors use partial precision where possible. We expect to have updated drivers available in the coming weeks."

UPDATE: "...And btw, let's not lose sight of the fact that ATI performance isn't relatively poor at all. I think Kyle himself said that even the X800pro delivered 'great' performance, and Carmack said in the HardOCP article that there's more to consider than just frame rate. The frame rate difference even today is so minor, it's impossible to tell without diagnostic tools - ie: the end user experience isn't affected. And with ATI you get full-precision enabled all the time - we don't do PP (on R3XX and R4XX) like some of our competitors. It's also important to note that most of today's games play faster on ATI hardware, and you can expect that to extend to other 'big title' games expected this summer. Chris"

Chris Hook

"We are always looking for ways to improve our products. And a key part of that is our software. Many of the improvements that we have made in the software area are already evident. For example, we have improved our testing processes, resulting in more frequent and more stable drivers and we have implemented a feedback program to learn of driver bugs early on so we can rectify them. Some of the improvements aren't evident yet, but will be soon. It's readily apparent that the work we've done on the DX driver is world class. We are confident we will do whatever is necessary to make our OGL driver the new industry standard for stability and performance."

Dave Orton