Asus blijft sinds gisteren in de spotlights staan. Op Riva Station wisten ze te melden te melden dat de drivers voorlopig zijn teruggetrokken. Got Apex had nog even een Q&A met de directeur van Asus over de drivers en heeft ondertussen nog een paar filmpjes gemaakt van de drivers in aktie onder UT en Q3.STATEMENT op Riva Station Asus has decided to call back this driver. However, since the See-Through utility can let end user to learn some idea of how 3D work. Engineer team also spent many effort on that, so we will release a Try-version with limited usage to promote this technology and let user to decide how it will be. Interview met de internationaal directeur van Asus, Raymond Chen. Yesterday Asus removed the blanket of silence off of their latest secret weapon, 3DSeeThrough Technologies. With this marvel of technology has come mixed emotions from the gaming community as well as much speculation. We had a chance to ask Raymond Chen what the skinny was on exactly what we can expect from Asus as far as these new features are concerned. Yesterday morning the net was a buzz with a quote from the ASUStek, Taiwan's press release pertaining to a new driver set. The added features of the new driver set are described as "The ASUS 3D SeeThrough TM technologies are developed for users to be a constant winner in the adventure or action 3D games." Now this would lead anyone to believe that this driver set is aimed at those unsavory few in the online gaming community who employ various methods of cheating. Do you think this assumption is correct? De nuttige links: Riva Station statement Q&A met Raymond Chen En het meest belangerijkste, de filmpjes. Ik heb ze zelf nog niet kunnen bekijken, maar ben erg benieuwd wat jullie indrukken erover zijn. Ik heb geen idee wat welk filmpje is, er is er 1 van UT en 1 van Q3, maar het staat helaas niet vermeld welk filmpje bij welk spel hoort. Filmpje 1, Quicktime - 24MB - 352x288 Filmpje 2, Quicktime - 9MB - 176x144