De beroemde pornoster Asia Carrera lijkt verslaafd te zijn aan computeren, zo blijkt recentelijk uit een interview met Hypothermia. Als ze niet op de set aan het werk is besteed ze een groot gedeelte van haar tijd aan chatten op haar pagina en met het spelen van Unreal Tournament. Een paar vraagjes uit het interview:Are you an Intel chick?? OR an AMD woman?? both. my favorite baby is my 700 athlon, but i also have a 550 pentiumIII and a 500 celeron, and all three are decked out with nice 21-inch monitors, plenty of RAM and hard drive space, great video cards, the works... what can i say, they're like my kids, and i love spoiling them with upgrades, but i don't feel guilty because it's all tax-deductible, since I'm also a gainfully employed webmaster. You're a pretty big Unreal Tournament / Quake 3 kinda girl. . . are we talking casual gaming here?? Or can you dish out a serious ass whuppin'?? i can frag the pants off nearly everyone i play, but admittedly, my pals and I are all just hobbyists who enjoy a friendly game whenever we get together - it's not like we sit at home alone playing 24/7, while researching secret tricks to shave a fraction of a second off our reaction times or anything. it's all in good fun, and while i suppose i'm good by the general public's standards, i have no doubt any serious gaming fanatic would thrash my (naked Asiabot's) butt soundly. What are the current games your playing right now?? Which games are you looking forward to the most?? unreal is the only game i play. but i did try quake 3 and soldier of fortune briefly, because the companies were kind enough to send me complementary copies after they heard about my affinity for unreal. unfortunately, they just don't give me the same feeling of satisfaction i get from sniping off a good HEADSHOT!... hehehe! What new video card churns your butter?? i have a couple voodoo cards, and a new ati 128 rage fury pro, but i'm waiting on the darned annihilator 2 cards i ordered way back at the E3 show.... hello, creative, are you listening? where's the friggin' cards i ordered, huh?? She can frag my ass any day Voor de liefhebbers (en meer foto's )volg deze link.