Voor mensen die nog een video willen zien klikken hier( 7,5 MB) Zoals Pc.ign.com al zegt de Graphics zijn behoorlijk goed zoals je ook onderaan kan zien. Het spel krijgt overigens een 6,4 van Pc.ign.com .Asheron's Call had a lot of promise that it just didn't live up to. We originally devoted a good part of our days to playing the game, but one by one we each lost interest. The problem seems to be that the realization of the game fell short of the designers' conception. And that's a shame. It's always nice to see developers break away from the standard conventions of their genre. In this case, Turbine seemed to know early on that they didn't want to make a standard Tolkeinesque fantasy RPG. So they had to come up with a whole new set of ideas.