When does the hurting stop. Bij 3DO zullen ze Army Men games maken tot het eind der tijden geloof ik. Een tijd geleden kwam er al een artikel over de invasie van de Army Men games maar 3DO blijft doorgaan. Ik heb medelijden met de reviewer. It seems that every time I wake up, yet another Army Men

game has been released or announced. So when the latest

release from 3DO arrives on our doormats, ripples of

amusement are heard from the staff. As far as I can recall, there has never been an entertaining game featuring the little green guys. However, in an effort to remain professional in my writing, I'm going to throw all those preconceptions out the window and give Army Men: Operation Meltdown a fair shot. And yes, you have to attack the Tan Army. Again. A large percentage of the franchise is concentrated on the console gaming sector of the industry, but Operation Meltdown is a PC game. Now, my logic runs like this - PC's have many

more buttons than a console, as well as a mouse, so the problems of dire control systems which plagued the other games shouldn't arise. After all, the PC has a long heritage of games based on war such as the classic Cannon Fodder and the genre defining Command & Conquer

series which this game can draw inspiration from.

Yet again the Army Men franchise has failed to impress, with bland graphics, poor AI and repetitive mission objectives. Even though this happens every time a "new" Army Men game is released, for some reason people still buy them by the bucketful, prompting ever more rehashes. Please, stop!

I tried to go into this review with an open mind, but once again 3DO have failed to produce a good game. For now then my opinion on the Army Men series remains unswayed - it's rubbish. Geen screenshot, want iedereen weet onderhand hoe Army Men eruit zien en weet je het niet, lucky you