7th schrijft: "Na 3 weeken wachten is het eindelijk klaar. De eerste Armada patch.

Nu is Armada eindelijk speelbaar."

Het is wel niet de eerste patch maar ja .The Beta patch should address many of the compatibility issues that prohibit users with the Intel 810, Geforce, and TNT2 cards from playing Star Trek: Armada. Important Things to know about this Beta patch: Users who use this patch will NOT be able to see (or join) multiplayer games created by the normal release version of Armada. Users will only be able to join multiplayer games with other Armada 1.1 Beta patch players. Users who choose to download this patch acknowledge that this is Beta Software and are assisting Activision in testing the aforementioned solution. As Beta Software we cannot support this patch via Customer Support. This beta patch may cause unforeseen issues with Armada. If users experience any new issues with this patch please post them on the Armada Community Tech Help board with “Armada v1.1 Beta Patch” in the subject line. Issues which this patch addresses: Many compatibility issues with a variety of cards including: Geforce, TNT2, Intel 810 and others. The Klingon Shockwave has received a new effect. The Borg Transwarp Gate now functions in a different manner. It costs one bubble to activate and will drain at a constant rate. You can turn it off to conserve energy and reuse it before it is fully charged. The Gravity Mines can now be fired while cloaked. Special Weapons can no longer be targeted under the shroud. Artillery can no longer target things that are out of the player's shared LOS. The Construction Ship's build menu has been reordered making it easier to use Made several multiplayer map changes to augment game play on these maps. A memory leak in the Mulitplayer shell was plugged. A bug in the Single Player shell, which created strange behavior in the mission progression, was fixed. General Multiplayer stability fixes. Addresses compatibility issues with certain CD-ROM drives. IPX was added as a new option for LAN games.