Op GameFan is een interview met de makers van Archaean,een "Massive Online World". Het spel komt pas in 2004 uit,dus je hoeft je er nog niet al te druk over te maken. Hieronder stuk waar het spel over gaat:GameFan: Obviously, much of the territory you'll be working in has already been covered by UO, AC, and Everquest. How much of an influence did these products have on yours and, citing specifics, what aspects of those games did you borrow?

Niklas: The current crop of online environments has set the first trembling steps in this frontier; we now take it on our shoulders to take this to the next step. We are not striving to make a new and better AC or EQ; we wish to think that we are creating something new, something that has not been done before. That is the reason we have invented our own genre for the purpose: the MOW, "Massive Online World," since we don't believe Archaean fits the description of an MMORPG.

We played them all, and we saw what they missed. Today's online games are just that--games. They are, more or less, usual ordinary games with massive multi-player options. They really do not bring anything out of the ordinary compared to single-player RPGs. But they opened our minds and eyes to the possibilities of the online community, and we now know that the user base of online games finally is here. That is why we now start to develop our dream and vision.

From a personal viewpoint, I have been influenced mostly by EverQuest, since that is the game I've been playing the most. It lacks a lot, specifically in gameplay, but I loved some of the design works in it. The aspects that we borrow from today's games aren't really much. Having this vision in my head long before online games were reality, I only saw what they had, and hadn't, compared to my vision. Meer info staat op de officiele pagina.