Er zijn wat nieuwe geile screenies van Arcetera uit. Ziet er wel heel mooi uit moet ik zeggen, goede sfeer.Arcatera was initially designed as a classic RPG story that was developed over a period of 10 years and contains a huge world with a history, culture, Gods and religions, devils and demons, towns and their inhabitants, monsters and more. Likewise every character in the game has his own history, attitude and habits and often a kind of inner conflict, which determines the ir behavior and actions. This means that there will be no straight-forward, "black and white" characters but instead you will see dynamic characters with depth, as in real life. We even try to give a simple shopkeeper a definitive character make-up, history and a sense of personality. One of our most important goals is to immerse the player into a fantastic and interesting yet credible world. These three dimensional characters help us do just that.

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