Het bugfestijn rond Anarchy Online is nog steeds niet tot een einde, al gaan de geruchten dat er binnenkort een patch uitkomt die alle grote bugs zal verhelpen. Zo is er momenteel nog veel last van lag en geheugenlekkage.

Funcom had echter een officiele statement hierover:Topics today will be a little bit around the upcoming client patch ...

We have a client patch in the loop now. We hope to push this out very soon on the testlive server. There has been done a lot of bugfixes in this version and it should also contain one thing some of you asked about on the bulletin boards; to be able to toggle players on/off to reduce numbers of polygons on the screen. We will keep you updated with more information on this patch as soon as it is ready.

Other than that we are still working on the memory leak. This is still number 1 priority right now. We are also getting closer with a new interface to the payment system, and an interface to your account information.

We see that more and more people are enjoying themself in the world of Rubi-Ka, and we also see that a lot of players are having fun. Remember that you should as far as possible try to get a group, this will show pretty significant on the XP you get :)

Good luck to all of you, and be careful out there

Anarchy heeft misschien dan wel de mooiste graphics die tot nu toe in een online game zijn vertoond, maar daarentegen valt er nog een hoop te sleutelen aan de gameplay.