Jaja, ze overstromen bijna het internet: de Counterstrike fansites en de bits en bytes die over het net worden gejaagd om jouw 31337 CS fraggingskills op het scherm te brengen zijn niet te overzien. Natuurlijk is het wel handig dat je een beetje weet hoe je moet spelen, of hoe je je in de CS community moet gedragen.

Daarom hier weer een newbee-guide, leerzaam voor de newbees, lachwekkend voor de old-farts. 1) My Name is Player and I am a Counter-Strike Addict.

No one likes it when someone named Player shows up on a server (Well actually some people do). The only people who should use this name are the players who have logged around 400 hours on the game and just want to be anonymous for the night. If you go by player you're just screaming out that you're a newbie and want to get taken out quick.

Player is the default name that the Counter-Strike mod gives to each new player. Changing your name is simple and you should do it as soon as possible. After you click on "Play CS" from the main menu make sure that you chose the menu item titled, "Customize" to change your name. Pick something cool that tells people a little about yourself. Try to make is sound tough so that it causes opponents to quake in their boots. For example the name "Technical Nerd" could make people think twice about coming after you whereas a name like "Anvil" would make them think you are a wimp. After you choose your name click "Done" and you are ready to find a good server to play on.