Voor de mensen die bang zijn in het donker is het niet slim om dit filmpje down te loaden want het filmpje is van de "enge" horror game Alone In The Dark (4): The New Nightmare . Het filmpje is er in drie formaten (van 10 MB tot 29 MB) en verder is het filmpje ruim langer dan 3 minuten.

Lage kwaliteit (10 MB in .MPEG) Hoge kwaliteit (22 MB in .MPEG) Hoge kwaliteit (29 MB in .mov) The official Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare site has been updated with a new movie trailer, available in three download sizes from 10 to 29 MB to suit your available bandwidth. The movie runs for more than three minutes, and while parts of it show the same footage as an earlier trailer (story), there are also several new scenes, and the entire movie is now fitted with the kind of soundtrack you'd expect from a horror adventure like this.