Na mijn eigen review was ik erg benieuwd wat andere mensen van deze matige game vonden. Eurogamer heeft eindelijk haar review af en ze zijn er, net zoals ik, niet blij mee. (wel met de review, maar niet met de game )Unfortunately, All Star Tennis is a shadow of the promises daubed on the back of the box, and is yet another example of tennis poorly implemented onto the PC. "The realism of this simulation will amaze you!" is another choice quote, but I can safely assure you now that the only thing amazing about this game is that it ever reached the shop shelf.

After installation, prepare yourself to bear witness to perhaps the worst quality video sequence you are ever likely to experience in your life. Picture the worst Vivo-based internet video you have ever seen, and you won't be too far off the mark. The better option would have been to simply not have bothered at all.

Oh, and if I hear that menu music ever again, I swear I will commit suicide!


All Star Tennis is absolutely terrible, and I really have tried to find a spark of something good in the

game. The fact that the game is not even mentioned on UbiSoft's webpage is kinda ironic in itself.

There are no redeeming features at all, with clumsy gameplay, awful graphics and sound that will have

you drop-kicking your speakers through a window. There is a multiplayer option for up to four players, but I think you will find the biggest challenge is finding someone else that would want to play it. Het spel zuigt inderdaad het chroom van een trekhaak.

Het is ook raar dat je niets kan vinden op Ubisofts pagina over dit spel, Ubisoft Duitsland heeft wel een stukje erover, maar het spel is eigenlijk niet af. Het enige wat wel aardig was is het slaan, sommige fore en backhands zijn wel realistisch, maar dat is dan ook het enige aan het spel.

Nee Roland Garros97 wint ook weer van deze game