Via AVP News kwam ik op terecht. Deze site is helaas in het Italiaans, maar uiteraard kan de enige echte Babelfish dit voor je vertalen.

Deze site heeft net als een artikel over de ECTS geschreven. Hierin staat ook een stukje over Alien versus Predators 2. Zo zal deze game bijvoorbeeld de LithTech Engine 2.x gaan gebruiken, en dan een nieuwere versie dan die we in Sanity en No One Lives Forever tegenkomen. Aliens Vs Predator 2 will have as motor diagram (Oftewel, een engine ;)) the LithTech Engine 2.x (will be probably one version more recent than that one used in Sanity and No One Lives Forever)

the game is carried out on an averse planet in which the humans they are making experiments on the aliens and, like in the best one of the traditions, the aliens scappano seeding the panic between the humans. To complicate all the predator arrive, interstellar hunters, that they in particular love chase to the others two razze.

AvsP2 will be giocabile with all and the three razze and three history will be " intercommunicating ". It will be that is possible to intercross the other personage, also without to interact with he (a Pò like happened in Opposing Force, in which Gordon Freeman met itself)

the humans will have a set of crews new, but however relating to the past (therefore nothing similar futurismi with laser and robe). The powers of the averse ones will be identical. Still to establish the crews of the predator that but they will be several (in the first chapter they were less than five)