PC.Ign kreeg in zijn handen een bijna klare versie van American McGee's Alice. De game die een mix is van Quake en Tombraider en zich in een fantasy wereld afspreeld. De game is een game-vertaling van Alice in Wonderland. En deze vertaling schijnt goed uitgevoerd te zijn volgens PC.Ign.While I'm pretty early in the game, so far the actual combat seems to be the weakest link in this altogether solid chain. Her weapons feel a bit unbalanced, and I found myself sticking with a slow but reliable croquet

mallet that was frustrating, but wouldn't suck my magic power in a matter of seconds. Hopefully this will get tweaked for the final version, as the puzzles and environments overall really grab you, and keep a hold on

you throughout the experience. The good side of all this is that there's some auto-aim action going on, with the character you're currently aiming at highlighted to make things a little clearer. Fine by me -- just let me focus on lopping off their heads. The

control is similar to Heretic II or Drakan, putting you in third person, but with Quake control.Op 5 december zal Alice niet meer de enige zijn in Wonderland