Hieronder zie je een stukje uit de .plan van Bobby Pavlock van Rogue Entertainment. Het gaat over Alice, hun nieuwe game.Well, now that Jim let the cat out of the bag about all the new talent here at Rogue, I thought I'd share a little bit about what I'm working on for Alice. Right now I am working on a group of levels that make up the Caterpillar Garden. For those of you who recall the story, Alice meets the Caterpillar after she is shrunk. So basically, I'm constructing these levels of enormously grand scale since Alice is about the size of an ant. I'm sure most of you remember Levelord's Sin DM level (I believe it was 'Spry') where you were running around fraggin each other in an enormously oversized living room. Well, that's pretty much the feeling you're gonna have when you run around these levels. I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out so far, and it's alot of fun to be able to design something so different from the norm. It presents alot of interesting challenges and opportunities to do some really weird and original stuff. I personally have always felt that novelty is a key element to making really cool, memorable levels.