AKIMBO: Kung-Fu Hero (de naam alleen al) wordt een side-scrolling platform game! Net als in het oude Mario Brothers tijdperk op de NES. Het spel is al 18 maanden in ontwikkeling en de release datum is nog niet bekend. In augustus zal wel een demo uitgebracht worden. Overigens vond ik dit zinnetje wel erg grappig:Six non-linear worlds [break]Een non-liniaire wereld in een side-scroller? De weg splitst zich in 2-en, naar boven of beneden? Dat is het enige wat ik er van kan maken .[/break] Game publisher Iridon is resurrecting the side-scroller with AKIMBO: Kung-Fu Hero. AKFH, which has been in production for 18 months, promises to feature large characters and ample interaction. Set within atmospheric locations, the emphasis has been on creating a careful balance between game mechanics, fine hand-drawn visuals and a well-planned learning curve, an Iridon press agent told the Adrenaline Vault. A simple plot will set the stage: The hero, a martial arts expert, discovers a note in a bottle washed up on the beach near his dojo. According to the message, a dragon named Fang has imprisoned the peaceful inhabitants of Turtle Island. Gamers must guide the hero across Turtle Island while collecting and assembling the fragments of a magical spell required to beat Fang. Six non-linear worlds such as Caribbean Capers and The Lost Ruins will be included, each with its own graphical theme, monsters, weapons, puzzles and collectable items. Knights, ghosts, tarantulas, rhinos, seagulls and jumping clams are among the foes the hero will battle using double jumps, punches, spin downs, high-soaring blows with the foot, combos and more. Interaction includes dropping drawbridges, climbing burning ropes, being fired from cannons, riding giant turtles and--of course--more. Voor meer info en screenshots ga naar de officiele site van AKIMBO: Kung-Fu Hero.