Voodooextreme heeft een review van Age of Empires II: Age of Kings online gegooid

Age of Kings takes place in just that, the age of kings and part of what makes the game so enjoyable and involving is that the single player campaigns are all derived from actual events that took place during that period of human history when kings ruled. AoE II has five story-based, single-player campaigns which focus on historical figures and their struggles to achieve greatness. Campaigns that revolve around William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Barbarossa, and Saladin will test all of your strategic skills as you strive onward to victory. You can be a part of history and decide the outcome. Now we're havin fun! A history lesson and a great game all in one!? Parents take note. Graphics: 96% - Awesome! Sound: 96% - Like your there! Interface: 82% - Standard but that's a good thing! Gameplay: 92% - Fun, fun, fun! Stability: 99% - No issues here! Replayability: 94% - Pretty much unlimited! Innovation: 78% - Some new features that will become standards! Multiplayer: 74% - Standard deathmatch but good wholesome fun! Total Score: 89%!