Activision heeft het erg goed gedaan het afgelopen jaar, integenstelling tot sommige andere bedrijven (Interplay bijvoorbeeld) die wat problemen opliepen, mede ook door de opkomst van console systemen zoals de PS2. Totale opbrengsten waren het afgelopen jaar bijna 85 miljoen dollar, veel meer dan analysten hadden voorspeld. Bijna 20% van de opbrengsten was afkomstig van Tony Hawk Pro Skating. Activision wilde niets kwijt over PC titels het komende jaar, maar wel wat over consoles:Activision didn't say much about new PC titles, but did talk a little about the next generation consoles. While it will aggressively be supporting the PlayStation 2, X-Box and Nintendo Dolphin, it downplayed a big splash of titles for the PS2's launch. Activision says at present it will only publish one game - an RPG called Orphan - for the PS2 at launch. The company says it is being very conservative in its estimates - and while it didn't explicitly say so, it did hint at developer problems with the system. Meanwhile, the company expects to receive its X-Box developer kit next week, but hasn't seen anything from Nintendo yet.