Nog twee maanden en dan ligt Pariah in de winkels. De verwachtingen rondom de shooter van Digital Extremes zijn hoog gespannen en volgens sommigen hebben we hier met een echte Half-Life 2 concurrent te maken. Volgens de ontwikkelaar zijn deze verwachtingen niet onterecht, want dankzij de schitterende graphics en fijn afgestelde gameplay, die we van DE gewend zijn, moet Pariah een echte blockbuster worden. 3 mei zou de release zijn, om alvast in de stemming te komen kun je van deze nieuwe screenshots genieten.Can You Survive? A unique combination of action and stealth create an unprecedented single player gaming experienceImmersive Story written by professional Hollywood script writers takes FPS gameplay to a new levelBleeding Edge Visuals with a heavily modified UnrealTM Engine combined with state of the art HAVOKTM physics technologyEmergent Tactical AI: Based upon the already spectacular UnrealTM AI, the enemies in PariahTM are much more aware of one another and work as a team to make them fierce foesUse Your Senses including sight and sound awareness to track and outsmart deadly adversaries against overwhelming oddsCustomize Your Arsenal using Weapon Energy Cores (WEC's) to build and customize your weapons with devastating resultsStrategically Interactive Terrain: Use your surroundings to help you survive a variety of brilliantly designed futuristic earth environmentsUnprecedented Multiplayer: Vehicles and customizable weapons come together to create the ultimate multiplayer experience online and off, from the developer who created the Unreal franchise