Deusex-machina heeft een uitgebreid en diepgaand interview gehad met de makers van Deus Ex, één van de betere spellen van vorig jaar. Het interview gaat over achterliggende storyelementen, dingen die zijn weggelaten uit het spel en nog veel meer.DeusEx-Machina: Are there any significant keypad codes in the game? What about the passwords? Witchboy: The first keypad in the game is 0451, an allusion to System Shock's allusion to Fahrenheit 451 (Once when I was in Boston, years ago, I went to lunch with some friends from Looking Glass. When we returned from lunch, we came to the locked door that led back into the LG offices. Rather than open the door for me, Art Min stopped and said, "Quick, what's the code?" I punched in 451 and the door opened...). Also, almost all the Paris ATM codes are the names of characters from various paper RPG campaigns run at some point by me and/or Steve Powers--characters like Salem, Morbus, et al. One of the codes is the year of my birth, 1966. It seems that each time I came up with a code or password, I tried to use something meaningful, even if no one noticed. For instance, I looked over at my office phone once and used an alpha/numeric from the touch pad that spelled ILLUMINATI (4558646284). But the code was too long, so I only used the first 6 digits or so. Zeker de moeite waard om te lezen als je Deus Ex leuk vond.