Amerikanen doen bijna alles, maar 60% van de bevolking speelt regelmatig een spelletje. Dat zijn een hoop mensen. De gamende Amerikaan koopt 1,48 spel per jaar . Tevreden gamers dus That's right! A new survey by Peter D. Hart research Associates, Inc., found that three out of five Americans aged six years or older, or about 145 million people, say they regularly play computer or video games. "It used to be just the boy next door, but the profile of today's gamer can't be so easily typecast. It could be a housewife relaxing between carpools, a professional sneaking in a few levels flying cross-country, teenage boys and girls in friendly after-school competition, and even senior citizens," said IDSA President Douglas Lowenstein. "The new face of gamers is a major reason why interactive entertainment is a growing and influential force that's shaping our culture, redefining entertainment, pushing technology forward and helping to power the high-tech economy of the 21st century." According to data provided by the NPD Group, Lowenstein confirmed that more than 215 million computer and video games were sold last year, the fourth consecutive year of double-digit growth for the game industry, with an increase of more than 100% since 1996.Voodoo People gaan naar VoodooExtreme