Gamespot heeft een preview van 4x4 Evolution, een race game, in elkaar geknutseld. 4x4 Evolution wordt gemaakt door Terminal Reality. En het ziet er veel belovend uit.. 4x4 Evolution is Terminal Reality's third off-road racing game, which follows in the footsteps of the popular Monster Truck Madness and its sequel. 4x4 Evolution is aptly titled, as it is indeed an evolution of the Monster Truck series, and as expected, it offers better graphics, more tracks, and more off-road vehicles. 4x4 Evolution was announced by Gathering of Developers last March and was publicly shown for the first time this year at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles. GameSpot recently received a version of the game, which, according to G.O.D., is about one month away from reaching beta status and still needs a solid four months of development before completion. Regardless, the game seems nearly complete already, as it features a number of playable trucks and three finished tracks. Bekijk hem hier.