Cliff Bleszinski heeft weer wat van zich laten horen over de Unreal Tournament 2003 demo. De demo zal 4 maps bevatten, te weten Antalus, Asbestos, Citadel en Anubis. De eerste 2 maps zijn DM maps, Citadel is CTF en Anubis is gemaakt voor Bombing Runs.

Het zal volgens Cliff niet lang meer duren voordat de demo officieel uitkomt, op dit moment wordt er de AI test en worden de laatste bugs gefixt.Extras are being put in. Select a mesh for your player avatar and the voice is now hooked up to announce it. Kill someone with a redeemer and their body goes flying. Sound matches up with the redeemer explosion properly. Mutators are being tested in random combinations with each other. Instagib with zoom and translocator and QUAD jump is quite a kick!

One thing that I'm excited about with the new UT - all of the gametypes will be very fun and viable online. Assault and the original Domination, as much as I love them, had some issues that prevented them from reaching their full potential online. Dom 2.0 and Bombing Run are right up there with CTF and other gametypes! De rest van de post is te vinden bij InfoGrames forums.