3Dfx probeert zich nog te verweren tegen Nvidia met hun nieuwste chipset. Het is nog maar zeer de vraag of deze wel op zal kunnen boksen tegen de rest van de grafische chipmarkt.Napalm at Comdex (& A Billion Pixels) 3dfx has announced that their new technology that's code-named "Napalm" will be officially unveiled at Comdex '99, a mere two weeks away (thanks Voodoo Extreme). The unveiling will be webcast over at 3dfxGamers.com, and details will be available on the site the day before the event (Sunday, November 14th). The first bit of the announcement is already in the press release, which talks of Napalm achieving an impressive one billion pixels per second fill-rate: Chief among these features will be a focus on fill-rate and the ability to achieve over one billion pixels per second. With fill-rate come benefits such as higher resolution, faster speeds, greater application complexity and the ability to display high quality 32bpp rendering at 60+ frames per second (FPS) at ultra high resolutions. All of these attributes equate to better image quality and highly realistic environments.