Bij 3d Realms hebben ze een nieuwe regel voor op kantoor:From: [Tim Sweeney] Subject: New office rule. It's called, no deadly zulu weapons for christ sakes. Come on guys, that's just dumb, those things are radically more dangerous than a BB gun. If you shot someone in the neck with one of those things accidentally, you would fucking kill the dude! Please get them out of here and don't bring them back. There is absolutely no reason to be shooting 12-inch long 100 MPH needles in the damn office. - Tim This was sent to our internal team discussion list But not before we punched a few holes in the wall in Cliff's office. Rock! [break] En de reactie van George Broussard:[/break] HAHAHAHAHA! This reminds me of a time during Duke 3D's development. I'm working with someone by their desk and from the other room I hear "clank", "thunk", "slam". I ignore it a couple of minutes and it contines, so I go into the next room to see what's up. Standing there was Richard Gray (Levelord), and a couple of other guys, throwing Throwing Knives at a big piece of cardboard. "Hey, what are you guys up to?". "Throwing knives, why?". I kinda did that dog head, looking side to side, I don't understand thing. Wouldn't have been so bad, except their aim sucked. There were half inch chunks of sheetrock missing from the wall and countless scratches from where they missed and flat-bladed them. I think there may have actually been one stuck in the cardboard (which was like 6 feet high and 3 feet wide). So, Tim, never fear, it happens all over I guess. But yeah, that was the last day sharp, propelled objects were thrown in the office (except for the occassionally thrown mouse - I still got a dent in the wall next to my desk). Toch leuk om een game-developer te zijn Jimmy, betekent dit nou ook dat real life deathmatch afgeschaft word in