Hier een review van mij toekomstige kaartje With Guillemot's acquisition of Hercules Computer Technology last October, many in the graphics industry were curious of the future relationship between the two companies. After all, since Hercules had already closed its doors, what was the point of buying a once powerful competitor for US$1.5 million dollars? It turns out Guillemot decided to purchase Hercules not for its products and technology, but instead for its well-known brand name. Back in 1982, Hercules pioneered the add-in graphics business. Over the years, Hercules sold enough graphics products to make them a popular name among many OEM's and consumers. As more competitors began to enter the volatile 3D market, Hercules met increased competition. Once Creative Labs moved into the 3D space, Hercules' retail presence on store shelves began to seriously dwindle. Find it here