Via VoodooExtreme kwam ik op een preview op adventure gamer terecht. En wel een preview van het spel Runaway: a road adventure. Dit wordt een 3D adventure game in een cartoon achtige style, nog meer dan Escape from Monkey Island zoals je aan de plaatjes ziet. Het ziet er schitterend uit en de gameplay belooft heel wat te worden. Zo zie je maar dat onbekende games ook goed kunnen zijn.The lead character of the game is Brian, an unsuspecting student about to graduate, who is attacked in New York by gangsters from the Mafia for reasons unknown. It turns out the Mafia is looking for something that Brian has, but what is it they are after? In the course of Brian's desperate escape, accompanied by a mysterious striptease "dancer", he meets a whole host of unusual people. But, which of them are his friends and which of them will blow his brains out? It is up to the player to figure out whom to trust in this adventure game of murder, money and lies. The story allows players to interact with over 50 different characters, including a knife-throwing Mafia hitman, a group of drag-queens in search of the perfect choreography, a drunken Mexican holy man, and a hundred year old native American indian. While we can only take the developers on their word when it comes to the story of the game, the graphics speak for themselves. Runaway has the highest resolution ever used in a graphic adventure (1024x768 in 16 bits color), over 30 minutes of cutscenes, continuous camera changes, panoramic and wide-screen shots, lighting effects and full character shading adapting to the surroundings. As far as I know, Pendulo is the first developer to employ 3D cel-shading (the same kind of technology used in Futurama) in an adventure game. And the best thing is, you only need a Pentium 166 to run this game. According to the fact sheet, a 3D accelerator isn't even required. Surf richting deze link voor de andere 2 screenshots. Misschien dat 3D adventures dan toch niet zo slecht zijn als door vele gedacht wordt?