Nadat er enkele dagen geleden $3000 werd geboden voor een Asheron's Call karakter, er is op Ebay op dit moment een veiling bezig voor 3 Everquest karakters, waarvan het bieden al tot $19,100 is opgelopen. Hier zijn de specs van de aangeboden karakters:[bullet] Lvl 50 barbarian warrior

ITEMS: Enammelled black BP ac25, rubicite bp ac19 rubicite aura, mithril arms ac10 svmagic5 str7, str5/dex5 rings(2), crafted legs bracers gloves and boots, Crown of King Tranix! ac13 svmagic20, diamondine earrings(2), Runed lava pendant!, Hooded black cloak!, grotesque mask, carnal pauldrons, Flowing black silk sash!

WEAPONS: Crystalline spear! (rare drop from lady Vox) dmg13/dly30 (you'll findthat you are among the elite who have this weapon...very rare and powerful),Amygdalyn tendril dmg9/dly25 str5 dex4 (from PLane of Fear NO DROP)

SITUATIONAL GEAR: White gold necklace resist cold fire and magic 7, Fishbone earring(permanent endure breath), Thick Banded Belt ac8 str15, Bloodstained mantle ac6 str3 svmagic10, un-nerfed guise of the deciever.

INVENTORY: Box of Abu-Kar, sewn evil eye bag, light burlap sack.

BANK: Has over 4000pp in bank and lots of items and HI LEVEL necro words. Items include no drop weapons Painbringer, Fleshripper. Also lots of serpentine bracers

KEY STAT: 194 strength, 802AC, totally maxed in experience.

COMMENTS: This guy has it all...armor and equipment for every occasion...only thing lacking is a full set of indicolite armor from plane of hate; otherwise he's really got it ALL.

[bullet] lvl 50 wood elf druid

ITEMS: Prayer Shawl wis8(very tough to get, from kedge keep), Mithril tunic ac10 wis5, brown chitin protector, Gatorscale legs, mammoth hide Cloak, runed mithril bracers(2), Golden Efreeti Boots ac5 wis/int9, Reed Belt ac6 wis5, Splitpaw Hide Gloves, VERMICULATED ARMS, Chrysoberyl Talisman, PLatinum Ruby Veil, Platinum Tiara mana50, wisdom earrings and rings.

HAND-HELD ITEMS: Charred Guardian Shields(2), Paw of Oppola, no drop druid rod from kedge keep

SITUATIONAL GEAR: Crown of the Froglok King, un-nerfed Guise of the deciever

INVENTORY: Sewn evil eye bag, light burlap sack, Archeologists Pack, Dented Brass Mask, other assorted goodies

BANK: Tons of high level necro words, two jacinth one diamond, about 1000pp, and other assorted goodies

KEY STATS: 199 wisdom, 75 mana in items, 730+ AC, totally maxed in experience.

COMMENTS:Missing some situational gear for large hunts(resist items), otherwise druid has it ALL. high wisdom, mana items, best wisdom items in the game for druids minus plane of fear armor. Truly loaded.

[bullet] Lvl 17 Dark Elf Necromancer

ITEMS: Robe of Enshroudment, polished bone bracers, runed circlet, 4int/2str earrings(2), 7int/7str necklace, Sheer Bone Mask 3int, Djarn's Amethyst Ring! hp80 agi9, Moonstone ring 3str 30mana, Embroidered Black cape, Molten Cloak, Braided Cinch Cord, Black Chitin leggings, Shadowbound boots and gloves.

HAND-HELD ITEMS: Harvester ac5 int5 str5, Stein of Moggok int9, Staff of Writhing.

SITUATIONAL GEAR: none...doesnt need any at lvl 16

INVENTORY: Box of Abu-Kar, Sewn evil eye bag, tons of bone chips and daggers

BANK: about 500pp and not much else.

KEY STATS: 199int and mana items

COMMENTS: This necro basically has all the items he will ever want except maybe a shining metallic robe. He's FULLY geared, better than most lvl 50's haha Only thing you'll want is a polished mithril mask(no drop), and Blighted equipment from plane of fear, when u reach lvl 46+

Also important is this: All my characters have very good reputations as honorable and worthy people, as well as competent.Bieden kan nog tot morgen, dus als je een paar superkarakters wil hebben (en wat geld over hebt ), of als je gewoon de laatste stand wil zien, kijk dan hier