Volgens mij zijn het er meer , maar Gamespy vond er 10. Ook RPG fans zullen er wel om kunnen lachen, want er zit in de meeste punten wel een kern van waarheid

En een beetje zelfspot kan geen kwaad


10. Everybody Talks Stupid

An example of how dorks in RPG's talk:

"Forsooth, merry traveler! Hail and well met! 'Lo, there be a sparkling wench in the

City of the Forked River. Pay heed with

honor, noble crusader! May thy journey be

blessed by Arthur the Might heself!One cool thing about the human race is that everybody is pretty much different, with the exception of everybody who lives in Okswana, Oregon: they're all a bunch of buckwheat-chewing jerks. But outside of those dirty hicks, everybody has different opinions and preferences. While I enjoy Hong Kong action movies and Half-Life, there are plenty of people out there who think the only good action movies star Bruce Willis and that all first-person shooters are derivative pieces of crap.

10. Everybody Talks Stupid

WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?! Speak American, you armor-clad asswipe! Why does everybody in RPG's need to talk in some kind of old-English slang only the Queen Mother can understand? I don't understand it. I swear that all those cliché medieval phrases like "forsooth" (I don't even know what that means) were made up by some drunken dudes at a renaissance fair like forty years ago

9. Classes

Team Fortress has classes all figured out. You got your soldier, you got your pyro, and you got your spies. Those make sense. But with RPGs you've got crap like the

half-dwarven shaman, troll ranger, erudite cleric, and halfling shopkeep. What the hell!?!? I know exactly what a spy or a soldier does, but I have no idea what a troll ranger is. Do they wander around national forests looking for bridges to hide under?

8. Lazy NPCs

RPGs are commonly populated with single-minded people who stand in the same place all day and dispense pretty much useless background information. Don't these people have homes? Lives? Hobbies? Desires? More than two frames of animation?

7. Quests

Some NPCs do more han just complain about how helpless and pathetic they are. Some NPCs give you quests. Whoopie. This is total bullocks, guvnah. I mean, I'm already saving your town from this evil sorcerer or whatnot, but now you want me to do your inane little

errands for you? "Find my lost golden amulet." "Slay the dragon of the red caves." "Rescue my daughter from the clutches of her Brownie Troop." "Bring back my clothes from the dry cleaners and don't forget to pick up a loaf of bread at the market on your way back."

6. Lord British 5. The Same Damn Theme

Why is it that almost every RPG takes place in "the days of yore" anyway? Sure, there's exceptions like Deus Ex and… umm… Wasteland, but beyond that, almost every RPG has orcs, dragons, taverns, trolls, and that kinda stuff. Some RPGs try to differentiate themselves

by adding futuristic elements, but a wood elf whizzing around in a hover car while talking on his computer videophone really doesn't do anything for me. Aren't you people sick of beating the same collection of slimes and ogres over the head with different kinds of +3 broadswords by now?

4. Skills

Hello, my name is Kevin Bowen, a level 12 Nose Goblin. I be have a +2 grammar skills (ooops, make that +1) and a -2 intelligence. My constitution is about +5 and I drank a potion to make my strength +4. I also have a +7 lock pick skill, a +4 microwaving food skill, and since I'm a Paladin I have enchanted my shoes with Velcro straps so I never need to tie any laces. Oh no, my Mana is low I better take a nap on this burlap sack full of gems before I sell it to the merchant, who for some reason keeps buying all these worthless gems from everybody even though he probably has a stockpile of twenty million of them squirreled away in the back room.

3. Tepid Soundtracks

Huh? What's with all these pan flutes and harpsichords and piccolos and harps and stuff? All RPG soundtracks are littered with these antiquated instruments, which were cool before people discovered the nifty music you could create with electricity

2. Magic

What a cheap cop out. Magic is the RPG equivalent of crates in first-person shooters: if you need to fill up a room in an FPS, you use crates. If you need to justify why some item is particularly important or create some kind of cool special effect, then you have to use magic.

1. Turn-Based Fighting Some RPGs use real-time battle systems, but most of them are turn based. What the hell!? NOBODY takes turns when they're fighting. That's because fighting is NOT chess.

HAHAHA ROTFLMAO.........ik ben geen RPG speler en heb er ook geen hekel aan, maar na het lezen lag ik onder de tafel

hopelijk RPG fans ook.......of zijn dat van die lui die snel op hun teentjes getrapt zijn