DailyRadar is flink aan het testen met de beta van de team shooter Tribes2. Ze vinden het spel zelfs zo goed dat ze er 10 nieuwe filmpjes online van hebben gezet.We spent a good chunk of time this weekend beta testing Tribes 2. Although it's still in Beta and is therefore updated practically everyday, it was still an enjoyable experience. It's important to note that some of the features in these movies may change as the tweaking continues. However, they show what a fun time can be had in this game. Everything that the last one did right has been improved, and each new patch brings it closer to finality. We can't wait for this game to go gold, but until then, we'll have to settle for an almost finished version. Enjoy the movies! We had fun making them.De filmpjes zijn allemaal zo rond de 10 tot 13 MB groot en zijn hier te vinden.